BF-10, High Power Laser Cable (LLK-A)

The design Phase is nearly closed - now the manufacturing of first prototypes will begin. Planned for the first quarter of 2019 the LLK-D15 connector as a replacement System to the Trumpf LLK-B will be available.

The connector is an own design based on the LLK-A, which is still available since 2014 with the interface-dimensions of the LLK-B. The outer dimensions will be comparable to the Trumpf LLK-B but a bit smaller in length.

The common laser safety elements such as breakage monitoring, spring contacts for plug-in protection and thermoswitches on the ferrule are - as well as on the LLK-D10 - available.

As further options there will be a second switch-off stage via thermo-fuse and exchangeable protective windows at the fiber end. These protective windows will of course be adapted to the laser wavelength and have corresponding AR Coatings.

The connectors will be available for pure LLK-D15 cables as well as for hybrid cables with other connectors such as SMA, D80 and LLK-D10.

As fiber variants, all conventional high-performance fibers of the 480μm or 720μm series are used. (50/480, 100/480, 200/480, 400/480, 300/720, 600/720).
Furthermore, so-called "triple-clad fibers" specially adapted for diode lasers are available. In addition to the light-guiding core and the first cladding, these have two additional layers, which make it possible to use lasers with "difficult" beam profiles.

Technical specifications

connector type BF15 (LLK-B)
ferrule Diameter: 15 mm -10/-20 µm typ. 9,985 mm (object to Change)
ferrule length: 56 mm ±0,5 mm (design in progress)
focus position: 54 mm ±0,05 mm from end stop
centricity: ≤ 8 µm
overall length: input connector: ### mm +3 mm
output connector: ### mm +3 mm
max. housing Dimension: input connector: ## mm
(for feeding through walls) output connector: 32 mm
housing material: Aluminium, anodized, color green
cable length tolerance:  ±2 %

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