In dependance to application and power-range these different connectors will be manufactured and processed in different ways.

Connectors with freestanding fibre tips, also "free-of-glue-processed", are available for high-power applications.

The D80 connector, originally an Misubishi-invention, actually a Standard-type, is now available in a improved configuration. Here the heat-transmission between Ferrule, connector and connector-housing is optimized. This is very important for all the mode-strip-configurations, where the cladding-modes are extracted from the fibre at the connector. If this configuration is not well-cooled, the connector will overheat and may be burn.

With years of experience in design of high-power fibre cables (LLK-A, LLK-B and LLK-D) for multi-kW-range, we are able to design customer-specific fibre ferrules and fibre cables right for your application too.

Of Course we process your fibres, fibre-configurations, for instance 7/1-spliced couplers, single fibres, multi-core fibres or imaging fibre-bundles.

We will also do repairs at defective cables and beam delivery Systems. Easily burnt fibre end faces will be re-polished. Complete connectors can be replaced by new ones or different types.


  • freestanding fibres,
  • Mode-Strip configurations
  • "free-of-glue" processing of fibres in high-power connectors
  • low FRD (focal ratio degradation)

Protection tubing materials

  • plastic
  • metal
  • metal with plastic-coating
  • metal with fibre-break-detection