By so far, the improvement of the well-known BF-D80 connector was just only a good idea. Now the new connector is finally available - thanks to professional turning parts manufacturers in Berlin.

So far, a 'finished' D80-plug of a well-known German connector manufacturer was used for the D80 cable. This will now be used only on special request, since here, unfortunately, high purchase quantities at high item Prices have become common. Aditionally the previous design has some weaknesses for some applications.

The BF-D81 has been redesigned in our house and the individual parts are manufactured in Berlin on high-precision automatic lathes. All parts - especially the concentricity of the fiber bore - are tested by the manufacturer before the parts are assembled by us and prepared for processing on the laser cable.

The new connector type is an integral part of the SMA / D80 modular system, so that the common cable variants and hybrid cables with SMA or BF-10 / BF-15 can also be produced in short-term also in customized versions.

properties of the BF-D81

  • Ferrule diameter: 4mm
  • Ferrule length: 10mm
  • Connector thread: M8x1
  • Key pin for anti-Rotation
  • different sleeves available for metal conduits with OD 6,5 und OD 11 mm
  • also combinable with 3mm plastic protective hose (FT030)
  • Fiber break detection with interlock connection available
  • Special types with Mode-Stripper, Air- and Watercooling are available on request

Benefit features of the BF-D81

  • Heat dissipation improved, plug body completely made of a Cu alloy
  • Spring-loaded mounting nut (like the former 'original' Mitsubishi connector)
    Therefore, the ferrule is pulled from the first thread turn by spring force to the flange
  • Anti-rotation lock also fits "Chinese" connection flanges

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