The connector known as the Mitsubishi LD80 is suitable where the SMA 905 is too small for the application and the LLK-D10 (LLK-A) is too large. The connector, which we have optimized in terms of design, is fully mate-compatible. The connector body is made of a Cu alloy, which allows optimized heat dissipation. As part of the existing modular system, the D81 can also be combined as a hybrid cable with all other connectors from FC to SMA to the LLK-D10 (LLK-A).


- Laser technology
- Laboratory
- Laser marking, welding, soldering, cutting
- High-power lasers


- interchangeable with and compatible to Mitsubishi D80
- Fibre freestanding in Cu-Ferrule
- with alignment key and hex-nut
- hexagonal nut, spring loaded

Fibre types:

- UV-VIS / VIS-IR all-silica fibres, 100 ... 1000 µm, NA 0,22
- HCL Polymer-cladding fibres
- other fibres or NA‘s on request


  • all laser-exposed parts without glue (Series 4X3)
  •  Low FRD (Focal Ratio Degradation)
  • all endfaces 100% inspected
  • ruggedized protection tubings
  • design and material optimized for perfect thermal dissipation

Optional configurations:

  • Fibre Break Detection and Temperature switch with Laser-interlockconnector (Series 433)
  • Mode-Strip Configuration, Air-cooled (Series 413)
  • Mode-Strip Configuration, Watercooled (Series 423)
  • hybrid configurations with different connectors (ST, SMA, FC/PC ...)
  • electrical isolated connectors
  • knurled instead of hexagonal nut for desired tool-free installation
  • Customer-specific modifications realizable