We manufacture high quality fibre optic cables for a wide range of applications from laser technology to sensors and spectroscopy to astrophotonics:

  • standard fibre optic cables with SMA, FC/PC and ST connectors
  • customised fibre optic cables 
  • Hybrid cables
  • fibre optic cables with special connectors
  • fibre optics for lighting technology
  • Laser beam delivery systems (LLK-A) 
  • Multifibre cables
  • Cross-section converters
  • processing of image bundle fibres

As the possible combinations of fibre type, connector type, sheath design and length are virtually unlimited, we do not keep any stock, but manufacture all cables exclusively to order.

If you need a beam delivery system specially adapted to your requirements for a special application, we are available as a competent partner for the development of customised fibre optic cables and connector systems.

Laser technology

Fiber optic cables for laser-based machining processes, laser marking, laser welding or soldering. High-power lasercables


Fibre bundles and customer specific fiber assemblies for astronomic experiments. Special fiber optics.

Sesors &  Spectroscopy

Fiber optic systems for industrial and scientific sensing, fiber spectroscopy, Y-fiber cables, reflection probes.