Due to increasing requirements in laser applications, many improvements have been made to the SMA connector in the past. Usually, Cu ferrules for free-standing fiber ends (BF-SMA-HP) are currently used for medium powers up to 500 W. Here it is important to process the fibers as centrically as possible and in the coupling area without glue, so that stray radiation does not lead to absorption and fiber burn-off. The Cu ferrules ideally reflect IR scattered radiation and at the same time allow good heat dissipation. Whereas with the standard connector it was mainly the ferrule that got hot, here the heat is distributed over the entire connector up to the aluminum sleeve. Air or water cooling can then be used here if required. 

For all applications, for which the LLK-A is too large and expensive, but the SMA is not powerful enough, the use of the BF-D81 is recommended. Here, the so-called LD80 has been further optimized to best meet the high requirements in terms of laser power and heat dissipation.

At Berlin Fibre, the BF-SMA, the BF-SMA-HP and the BF-D81 are part of a modular system, which offers completely different combination possibilities and optional functions through various hose connection sleeves. This allows special customer requirements to be implemented at relatively short notice - even as custom-made products.


  • Dimensions according to DIN EN 61754-22, type II
  • Copper ferrule material
  • Fiber end free standing
  • fiber mounted without glue
  • Connection thread: UNS 1/4"-36 

optional features

  • hexagonal or knurled nut selectable
  • for metal hoses with O.D. 5mm, 6.5 mm and O.D. 11 mm
  • can also be combined with 3mm plastic protection hose (FT030)
  • Mode strip configuration
  • hybrid cable possible
  • Break monitoring 

Advantages compared to standard SMA

  • improved heat dissipation
  • high reflectivity for IR scattered radiation
  • can be used for higher laser powers

different types