Laser technology

Depending on the application and power range, high-quality fused silica fibres are  assembled in laser cables with matching connectors. For higher optical powers, free-standing fibre connectors, also processed without adhesive, are available.

The D80 connector, originally a Mitsubishi invention but now a quasi-standard, is available in an improved version that further optimises the heat transfer from the ferrule via the connector to the connector sleeve. This is particularly important for "ModeStrip" configurations, as here cladding modes are deliberately derived already within the fibre connector. This could leads to overheating of the connector or the coupling point if heat dissipation is insufficient.

Based on years of experience in the design of high-power connectors (LLK-A, LLK-B and LLK-D) in the multi-kW range, we can also develop customised fibre ferrules and fibre connectors for your application needs.

Of course, we also assemble supplied fibres and fibre arrangements such as 7-to-1 fusion couplers, single fibres, multicore fibres or image guides.

We also carry out repairs on defective cables and beam delivery systems: slightly burnt end surfaces are reworked or entire connectors are completely replaced and repolished.


  • freestanding fibre tip - connectors
  • Mode-strip configurations
  • 'glue-free' assemblings
  • special processing for low FRD (focal ratio degradation)

different tubings

  • plastic tubings
  • metal tubings with /  without plastic coatings
  • metal with sheating and fibre break detection /  safety features
BF10 (LLK-A)