Fibre optic products

For the field of laser technology, we offer you a wide range of laser cables for the most diverse requirements. We assemble standard connectors such as ST, DIN, FC/(A)PC and various SMA versions, but also our own designs, such as the BF-D81 (D80-compatible) or the BF-10 (LLK-A-compatible).

Of course, there are also different protective jackets for the different performance classes. Whether classic plastic hose or "armoured" metal hose with or without breakage monitoring - all variants are individually adapted to your application.

Hybrid cables with different connectors can also be individually adapted through our modular system.

As a supplier of ready-made laser cables, we work independently of manufacturers with regard to the fibre material. We offer you support in the selection of fibres according to your requirements. Of course, we also process and assemble fibre material provided by you.


der klassische SMA in Kunststoff- oder Metallschutzschlauch


SMA 905 Typ II, freistehend, kleberfrei


der berühmte D80 in einer verbesserten Form

BF10 (LLK-A)

more information about different connector systems is in preparation

Der BF10 ist steckkompatibel mit dem LLK-A.